Neon Jelly – Product Review: Sephora neon lip balm

A neon lip is not for everyone, but this product from Sephora is a great way to experiment with a hint of neon.

How to wear Sephora Neon Lip Balm.

“These neon jelly lips look best with the “no make-up” look. A touch of bronzer on your chin, cheekbones & the temples of your forehead with a great mascara is all you need for this look. The translucent neon colors are very Spring/Summer tones and you should keep a fresh-faced feel to pull this off. Avoid a bold shadow when playing with neon.”- June

Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm
What it is:
A moisturizing lipstick with a sheer, neon tint.

What it does:
This lip treat combines the hydrating benefits of a lip balm with the sheer tint of a lipstick. The pop of neon color will highlight any look and the long-wearing formula means you can keep your pout both moisturized and flashy from day into night.


  • Hot Pink
  • Paradisso Purple
  • Funky Fuchsia
  • Crazy Coral


(Photo Credit: Sephora:

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