Smoke Signals – How To – TRINA Styled by June

EXCLUSIVE Makeup tips on the look created for TRINA in episode #2 of Styled by June by celebrity makeup artist Sir John B.

The look we executed on Trina was quite Vampy. I gave her a severe smoke with a slight winged effect. Using black & Gunmetal grey hues. On the face I concentrated on architectural contours. To give her checks, forehead, & nose a sense of depth. Creating a 3 dimensional quality.

Finishing off Trina’s look. June & I agreed on a dark matte lip. Giving a nod to the silent screen stars of the 20s & 30s.

Today smokey eyes are no longer a trend, they’re tradition! You can achieve a smokey eye with a myriad of colors. Anything darker than your complexion. Ranging from bronzes & browns, to navy or aubergine. What constitutes a smokey eye is the shape it takes on (see image).

Technique: Start at you lash line working up & outward. Keeping it neat & contained close to your starting point. Smaller firmer brushes are the key to applying the initial color. Softer fluffier brushes finish off the look by blending away any lines. resulting in a diffused airbrush effect.

When working with darker colors, I like to create the eye 1st. Then go back w/ a q- tip & a water based makeup remover to clean up around the work. After applying concealer & foundation.

After you create a beautifully blended Smoke. Don’t be afraid to throw a tiny bit of gloss on the top lid. See image. A glossy lid is an editorial look that looks stellar at night!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! – Sir John B.

About Sir John B.

Sir John B. is June’s personal “go to” for makeup artistry & the man she entrusts with her clients when transforming and redefining their look. He is a professional makeup artist and lifestyle expert with a list of high-profile clients most can only dream of. His hard work, dedication, and desire has put literally infront of globally recognized talent along the likes of Naomi Campbell, Iman, Rhianna, Karolína Kurková, Lara Stone, Anna Dello Russo, Beyoncé Knowles, Paula Patton, and Cassie.

His major introduction into the industry stemmed from his lifelong passion for fashion and artistic expression. He quickly found himself working on every major designer around the globe including Prada, Givenchy, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Victor & Rolf, Dior, John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, & the list goes on. Highlights of his career to date include the extremely rare chance to work with world-renowned photographers Steven Meisel & Mario Testino. Also with his lifelong beauty Icon Naomi Campbell, and world superstar Beyonce Knowles. He brands himself as a lifestyle artist by exploring other avenues of Aesthetic spender including beauty, fitness, decor, and all of the key ingredients to create a cohesive lifestyle.

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