7 Days of Sorbet – Day 7: Strawberry Cream Edition

Welcome to the 7 Days of Sorbet! Today is Sunday and it’s the final day of our sorbet inspired journey, the Strawberry Cream Edition.

Tart and sweet are strawberries and cream.  Rose, ballet pink, powder pink, blushing pink! PINK PINK PINK. This is the most versatile of the sorbets. Strawberry Cream sorbet is a color that even the anti-pink lady should consider. Expand beyond bubblegum pink, these shades have more yellow in them & transforms the color into a neutral. Treat this color as you would ivory, cream, nude, champagne or camel.

It is our final day of the sorbet journey & we are closing things out with the every day sorbet. We love this in menswear, makeup, nails, clothing, shoes, accessories. Do not fear strawberry sorbet, in fact if you have not yet ventured into the land of sorbet & are feeling a bit gun shy… start here.

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