The Dapper Pant

There is no reason to be afraid of a colorfully patterned pant. This is about springing up with brightly colored designs and materials! The secret is to make sure other parts of your outfit are simple. Mixing too many different patterns and colors in your outfit will have you looking like you lost a bet.

How do you pull off a patterned pant if you are more bottom heavy? Shrink the print. The larger the pattern, the larger your bottom will look. You can balance the outfit by wearing a solid top in one of the bold colors that are in your print. Remember that you don’t need to have an exact color match. You can go a shade lighter or darker which will compliment versus looking like your outfit came from a bed-in-a-bag collection.

Cut is super important. Make sure your dapper pant fits well, please don’t squeeze yourself into a pair that isn’t your size.  A well tailored fun patterned pant will have you springing up in no time!

Think Thursday!StylePhile Chronicles: Shots some promo stuff today & one of my fierce fashion highlights were these pant by Eredappa!